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In the next pages, I will talk about things that most of the people are afraid to talk because they will be "labeled", for those who have lack of Courage, do not continue reading this blog.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

garbage Language .... we are lost!

Well, i bet that most of you have found all over the internet tons of trash (files) AND garbage language (even worst)

What is this?, for all of who have the fortune of don't know about this issue.....

In short, the garbage lenguage is the common way to write in chatrooms for Kids (kids = under 12 years). This kind of writing is very VERY annoying and disturbing, but aceptable in kids. However, this is mostly found in ADULTS or teenagers.... Not a problem?

Well... Who Wrote this?

"wr r u?. im w8ing 4 ya ovr d pool. Lol!!"

Belive it or not.... It was a 21 years old male...........

if you are older than 12 years, and you write like this all the time, you will look like a KID, that will exclude you from a social group and will make any of your arguments senseless/childish.

NOTE: This kind of "tendence" is the direct product of "Chat Rooms" and Video games.

if this disease keep growing, the result will be:


we are lost...